Blog from down under – A Whole lot Of Rosé

By David Calmonson Over the last couple of years, I’ve been doing quite a bit of work for an Australian software vendor. Until this experience I had thought the only good thing to come out of Australia was the band AC/DC – which is, of course, very appropriate for someone who has been involved in the energy industry for eons. Actually, I’ve been involved, one way or another, with Eon for eons. I wonder if that’s where they got the name from? Or maybe it means something else in Germany? Well anyway, it seems that having spent some time working with our Antipodean friends, they wanted to put a face to a name and I was very kindly invited to pop in and meet them all. It’s quite a long way, as most of you probably realise, from Manchester to Sydney. Not only distance-wise but also culturally. It would be great to see a play off between AC/DC and Oasis to put that to the test! So I went over to Australia for 10 days. Obviously, I travelled with Etihad so they could afford another player for my beloved Man City from the airfare (with change, probably). Joking apart, it… continue reading
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