Brady Fintrade Fast Start Gains Traction in Scrap and Recycling Industry

Fintrade from Brady  is a comprehensive commodity management solution that can cater for many different commodities from pre-trade activities all the way to and including financials. Most recently however, Brady has been selling Fintrade into a strong trend that it has seen on the scrap metals side of things according to Claire Rosser, Head of Commodities Sales. “We see a lot of smaller businesses on the scrap and recycling side of things that don’t really have the capability to manage risks or hedge efficiently. They trade physical metals and are looking to be more efficient but have typically managed on spreadsheets or similar.”  Lockdowns and disruption due to those lockdowns have only exacerbated this situation according to Yuriy Shcherbak, Senior CTRM Solutions Consultant. The key though to getting these businesses on the Fintrade package has been the Fintrade Fast Start program I was told. Fast Start is a way to get new customers up and running quickly that utilizes things like pre-configured templates, pre-set data and basic but powerful functionality. “Customers work with Brady to build additional templates and markets during training and most of the internal data is pre-set,” she said. Furthermore, Brady will host the solution and provide… continue reading

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