Brady Veteran Relishes the evolution of ETRM implementation projects over the years.

Having spent almost 30-years in the energy and commodity trading software sector, I have seen many changes and have always emphasized the importance of history when looking at the space. So, it was fun to talk with Glen Cooper of Brady Technologies recently and talk about some of the fundamental shifts and changes around ETRM. Glen is also quite the veteran of the space going back many years and additionally experiencing the evolution of ETRM on the vendor end of things with Brady and precursors. He now is now focused on Igloo – Brady’s SaaS ETRM solution, and so can talk about much of what has changed with ETRM solutions over the years. So, we ended up comparing and contrasting the early days of Brady ETRM with working with Igloo and SaaS. Back then, as Glen told me, all development was done using a waterfall method where scope was defined up front, the software developed and presented to the client. There was little iteration with the customer during the process who was presented with the results at the end of the process. Functionally rich ETRM platforms at that time presented integration challenges. Integrating them into the customer’s application landscape was… continue reading