Brady’s Fintrade Readied for Broader Commodity Markets

Last week, I caught up with Harry Knott, product marketing manager, at Brady to catch up on progress with the Fintrade product. A physical and financial trading and risk software solution with cross-commodity capabilities (bulk and packaged), Fintrade also has elements of an ERP product and can meet many of the requirements of commodity supply chains as well as a full featured accounting module called FinAccount. In recent years, the product has been employed in the metals and ags & softs space, and most notably as a US cotton solution for Noble (now COFCO). The purpose of the call was to get a demonstration of the product and specifically examine the concentrates functionality recently added to the platform. Fintrade is a comprehensive modular product. It handles functions from origination to accounting and has built in workflow, security and comprehensive reporting. It has benefited from a recent UI upgrade as well and it demos quite well as a result. Brady’s approach, started several years ago, has been to add functionality from its aging Aquarius product for concentrates into Fintrade to make it its physical and financial solution for all metals, Ags and softs and bulk energy commodities going forward. This is… continue reading
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