BREXIT – What Next?

Like many I awoke to the news this morning that Britain has vote narrowly to leave the EU. Already markets are in turmoil and commodities have been impacted by that turmoil with a rush to Gold and falling Oil prices. I have thought about doing a BREXIT blog post for months but the problem is, I really have no idea as to how this will all work out and what the long terms implications might be. I fear I am not alone in this. The process to leave will take a full two-years and hopefully we will see some clarity over time but, like any divorce, one has to imagine that it will be a costly, argumentative and chaotic ride and, will take years to recover from. What it does to commodity markets in the longer-term is difficult to say. While the EU has driven towards a single energy market and more governance via regulation, I can’t see much changing in terms of the UK market infrastructure or regulatory regime in the future. I think perhaps one of the bigger issues will be to see if this now sparks the disintegration of the EU as a whole. Already various political
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