Busy Days at ComTech

The last few months have been incredibly busy at ComTech. Patrick has been really under the kosh with multiple project on the go but in the end, the fact that we are busy is good. Apart from an almost record number of white papers for clients and ourselves that can be found here, we completed the Disruptive Technologies Update report – that was a lot of work! Meanwhile, very shortly, we will issue the 2021 Sourcebook and I can tell you that it contains a record number of listings and as primarily Patrick’s project, has kept him occupied to say the least. The CTRM Sourcebook has become a key and critical tool for thousands as they seek to procure software as something that can identify candidates quickly and easily – especially if utilized along with our directory here.  The new CTRM Sourcebook lists 56 CTRM and related products! However, we still track over 100 in the directory. At the same time, we have worked on a couple of end user projects. These have been essentially Market Sweeps mostly where we help assemble high-level requirements and then sweep all potential solutions in the market arriving at a recommended shortlist for the… continue reading

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