Can We Have Science Back Please?

I write this as a holder of a Ph.D. degree earned by conducting original science, passing a peer review (a day long grilling), and publishing 7 peer reviewed papers in publications like the Geological Society of London before I even submitted by my theses – which was delivered in under 3-years. Along the way, one of my supervisors’ – Dr. MJ Russell, gave me an unforgettable lesson on the scientific process and how science was meant to work. He demonstrated this time after time publishing brilliant hypotheses in magazines like Nature and then engaging in compelling discussions with colleagues around the world who saw it differently. The result was an improved hypothesis. You see, the idea behind science is that people create hypotheses to fit the ‘known’ facts and then open them up to critique by peers in order to try to refine or disprove them and create another, more workable, hypothesis. By now, you may be asking, What is Vasey babbling about now? Well, for the last decade or so, we have seen Science politicized by politicians (mainly left-leaning ones), the media and all sorts of people who know nothing much about science but have an environmental axe to
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