Catch All Update and News

As we head into the long summer months, I thought I’d post a few updates and bits of news from ComTech and CTRMCenter. So here we go…. ComTech does try to undertake research and for this we do rely on survey-type interactions. Since the advent of GDPR in the EU, it has got a lot harder to communicate directly with people about survey’s that we may or may not be doing. We generally do a couple or so a year, so nothing too onerous and the results provide very useful data that we present as free reports.  Our current survey is just 4 questions! It is on the topic of Media awards for CTRM Vendors and we want your opinion! Please do us a favor and fill out the survey and ask a few of your friends to do it too? Thanks a lot – it’s here – CTRM Awards Survey We are hard at work on another podcast in the CTRMRadio series. It will be on LNG and will feature a number of interviews and discussion. CTRMRadio has proven to be quite popular and all of the previous podcasts can be found on the site here. Given that its… continue reading
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