Catching Up with Pioneer Solutions

I recently caught up with Hugo Stappers of Pioneer Solutions to discuss general market conditions and Pioneer’s recent activities. Hugo sees a stronger market coming into 2017 after a mid year slow down in 2016 as utilities and other entities in Europe focused on reorganisations, restructuring, and so on in response to the changing business environment. Since the beginning of the year he has been very busy and sees a filling opportunity pipeline. Interestingly, Hugo sees a lot of opportunity at the moment around replacement of other solutions installed in Europe. “Pioneer is perceived as a fresh and modern solution and an upgrade to what they may have internally,” he told me. Despite the increased activity levels, the sales cycle is still often lengthy however. One area where Pioneer is seeing interest is in the regulatory compliance side around it new module along with a hedge accounting module. Hugo points to Pioneers reporting flexibility and UI as being differentiators for his company. Meanwhile, Pioneer has been busy building out more gas functionality and rolling out the mobile version of their software as well. He feels that with a proven cloud-based ETRM solution with a modern UI, Pioneer are well placed
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