Change and Education in Commodity Trading

One thing that is more obvious each and every day is the interest in ecosystems as it relates to commodity trading, risk management, and supply chain software. In fact, ComTech predicted and elaborated on this trend all the way back in 2017 in our white paper – CTRM/CM as an Architecture – An Approach to a 20-year Conundrum.  We also revisited it in a CTRMRadio podcast in the summer of 2018 and again in another podcast on the disaggregation of CTRM in 2019. The concept has been a continuous feature of our market commentary since the appearance of the white paper. We saw the emergence of software as a service/cloud and microservices and similar architectures as the enablers of a move back to best of breed via ecosystems of applications that offered discrete, but deep vertical functionality or broad horizontal functionality knitted together via open APIs and we felt that this offered a migration strategy over time from monolithic CTRM solutions as well. It offered the ability to continue to leverage significant investment in older technology and functionality while adding agility, scalability, and better access to information in a stepwise fashion adding discrete applications around a monolithic application and increasingly carving… continue reading

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