CIO Article Asks Traceability Questions

I just found an interesting article in CIO magazine for December that although its a sponsored article, asks some interesting questions about ERP systems in the Food and Beverage space. Food and beverage manufacturers are facing tougher challenges than ever before. Massive food recalls have led to an unquenchable demand for greater inventory traceability, visibility and precision in the global food supply chain, it says. I think the same sorts of questions could very well be asked about your CTRM or management/” title=”View all articles about Commodity Management here”>Commodity Management Solution too… Here are some of the points it makes – 1. Your ability to accurately track individual lots, bins, or packages as they flow through processing and distribution steps is critical when it comes to responding to recalls, or even mock recalls. 2. Without an effective system to manage quality processes, you can’t move from a reactive to a proactive environment. 3. Excess inventory is more than just wasted cost. When perishable raw materials are involved, surplus inventory and delays in processing can also lead to quality and safety issues. 4. Does your ERP collect data in real time so when you need to access audit trails, everything is right there? When thinking about traceability, audit
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