Cloud CTRM Implementation Not so Straightforward Notes Pioneer

For Pioneer, not much has changed despite that all staff are working from home across multiple locations. “It’s usual these days for many of our staff to work remotely, so while this is a test of our business continuity capabilities for sure, it has worked out quite well and clients seem to appreciate our efforts,” Hugo Stappers, of Pioneer, told me. From a sales point of view, Hugo sees that the current pipeline can be divided into two, which he describes as either ‘continue’ or ‘radio silence’. Some projects are undoubtedly delayed or postponed but often it is just a short delay while adjustments are made, he said. “We are still receiving new RFI’s and RFP’s and prospective buyers are still collecting data and still on a path to make decisions. However, Hugo noted our last conversation in which he advised that sales cycles remained long. Hugo’s observations agree with those of many other vendors that we have spoken with in recent days. We also discussed cloud as perhaps something that was helpful to buyers in the current set of circumstances. A cloud based CTRM is probably easier to implement remotely and more helpful when dealing with a home-based workforce.… continue reading
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