Coal Is Back?

A few months ago, we wrote a blog arguing that despite everything, coal was set to make a comeback – at least in the short to medium term. We also factored into the market outlook growth in coal and demand for coal ETRM solutions over a short time scale. We suspected that not only would coal make a recovery expedited by the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war and shortage/price of natural gas but that some firms may be tempted to spin off coal trading operations and keep them at arms length thus creating a market for ETRM’s that handle coal. So far, it seems that we were correct in our assessments and today I happened across an article on European gas hub stating that coal is back and drawing similar conclusions. “The amount of news stories about the European coal market has grown exponentially in 2022. Today coal-fired generation, just like in the old days, catches everyone’s attention as it is one of the region’s best hopes for running the energy system smoothly (as far as possible) during the coming winter season,”they say. Indeed, the article goes on to say that “this year’s appetite for gas alternatives is so strong,… continue reading

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