Commodities Engineering and Balsamo Ready to Take Off

What do you do if you work in the commodities trading business implementing CTRM for many years only to discover that each system has its own shortcomings? You start your own software business! In fact, many of the smaller vendors offering CTRM and CM solutions today started in exactly that way. Recently however, I became reacquainted with Commodities Engineering and its founder Jerome Seguin. This is exactly his story and today, he and Commodities Engineering are thriving and growing, offering Balsamo – a CTRM solution that he states is different and represents a new and modern generation of Cloud Based Solution. I became aware of Commodities Engineering a few years ago when it first appeared on our radar. Based in Switzerland, the company was working on its CTRM, Balsamo, at the time it was a work in progress. Since then, the company has gone on to prove its concepts with several implementations and a strategic partner in the shape of a Tier 1 Global Metals Trading Company. The firm has grown to more than ten product and industry experts and four geographical locations. It is in the process of redesigning its website and readying for a push into the market… continue reading
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