Commodities People Sponsors Trends in Commodity Risk Research

Commodities People is sponsoring our Trends in Commodity Risk research project along with Amphora and the Nasdaq Market Technology Division. Commodities People will also support the study by polling attendees at its ComRisk event. Ben Hillary, MD of Commodities People, will lead a short session aimed at getting feedback for the study prior to the afternoon break at the event. ComRisk is a part of Commodity Trading Week that will take place 26-27th April at the Hilton Tower Bridge, London with expectations of a very good attendance post the COVID lockdowns. For more information on CTW and ComRisk, please click here. Commodity trading is fraught with risks of varying types. In recent years, the number of types of risks that businesses that trade, procure, consume of use commodities have increased considerably and now include not just price or market risk but also credit, regulatory, legal, political, operational, and other forms of risk. Moreover, the software used to track commodity transactions has also evolved considerably and is often light on risk analytics. Migration to software and/or services in the cloud has also introduced a whole series of other risks around IT, application, and infrastructure security. Fraudulent activities have also been in… continue reading

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