Commodity and Currency Wars?

Reading Reuters or any other ‘mainstream’ media outlet promoting the prevailing western narrative, you would be hard pushed to figure that we are entering a new era. I happen to think that this new era is essentially a currency and commodity war in which China, Russia and many other BRIC and mid-Eastern countries finally wriggle free from US and western controls. While much in the west is assumed to be global in nature like net zero and ESG, for example, along with many other political trends that I won’t go into, it is not. Living in a central European country, one that was part of the Soviet universe just a few decades ago, affords you a slightly different perspective. In many quarters in countries like Czechia, there is surprise, dismay and increasing distrust. They see another form of communism emerging led by narratives, censorship and cancellations. They have seen it all before and I am told often that they cannot quite understand why this is happening. So, in this region, there are growing numbers of people who no longer trust the western agenda nor that of organisations like the EU, UN, WHO and so on. Count me among them. However,… continue reading

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