Commodity Trading Recruiting Trends in Europe with Carl Vellenoweth.

As analysts, we recognize that good market intel regarding technology and vendors can come directly from the employment market. We asked Carl Vellenoweth to give us some insights into those trends. It’s very pleasing to see that many of the trends we have identified and analyzed are supported by his views however, we must also caution that the views expressed below are not necessarily those of ComTech and CTRMCenter! 2019, thus far, has been a year of some exciting E/CTRM market changes. We’ve seen some Sungard-esk acquisitions over 2018/2019 in the shape of ION and their acquisitions of Openlink, Aspect and Allegro, building on their prior acquisition of TriplePoint (TPT). We’ve also experienced the birth and implementation of trading and risk management ecosystems off the back of the success of a cloud infrastructure, and we can’t forget the appetite for digitizing front to back operations, look to artificial intelligence and automation to help remain competitive in a tight marketplace. As a recruiter and recruitment company owner, I get to see first-hand  CTRM transformations. In this article, I will quickly cover some of the most asked questions today by candidates and clients wanting to know what’s hot and what’s not. Has… continue reading
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