Buy Versus Build Report Issued

Towards the back end of the summer of 2015, ComTech began to note what looked like an increase in popularity of at least considering building CTRM software in house. Frankly, this trend puzzled us somewhat as why would anyone want to build deal capture again, for example? Despite that, we rapidly discovered that there was an increasing view in some sectors of the market – particularly the top-tier – that their businesses were simply too complex for any packaged solution. A view that we will admit some sympathy for. Prompted by some ad hoc research and encouraged by sponsor Brady plc, we created a survey instrument to see what we could discover about the buy v. build trend. The results of that survey are today published in report form and as usual, that report is freely available from here and other sites. What we discovered using the survey was a surprisingly high-level of interest in at least considering building internally. We explored the pro’s and con’s of building internally and also tested respondents experiences with homegrown developments of CTRM and related software. A key finding was that some 70% of respondents who had previously built internally thought that exercise to

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