Catching up with OpenLink and the LNG markets

Though the LNG markets are in a current state of flux, with a slowing global economy reducing overall energy consumption and low crude prices putting downward pressure on liquefied gas prices, there is little question that in the long run, LNG trading will be a vital and growing market. With the growing geopolitical instability in Eastern Europe that has made Russian gas supplies unreliable, the mandated retirements of nuclear and coal-fired generation around the globe, and an abundant and growing supply of natural gas from shale deposits, most indications are that demand for LNG will increase with a global economic recovery and the market will see strong mid and long-term growth despite its near-term troubles. However, as we pointed out in a ComTechAlert article a couple of months ago, the lack of strong growth in the spot LNG markets over the last few years has limited the number of software companies that have made significant investment in developing the particular capabilities that are required by LNG producers, shippers, and traders. Without the assurance of a pool of ready buyers, greenfield development of technology for a small but growing market like LNG can be difficult for software companies. ComTech was recently … continue reading

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