A Changing Roster at the top of Triple Point

With the recent acquisition by ION, it appears that the management team at Triple Point is quickly evolving. Peter Armstrong, the company’s founder and CEO, left when the deal with ION was done; soon after, Oni Chukwu, SVP and CFO was gone. Now it appears that Greg Taylor, SVP of Global Operations (Sales) and Michael Schwartz, SVP and chief marketing officer have also departed. This leaves only 4 of the original 8 executives in place from the time the ION deal went down.

While its not surprising that some executives have left the company post-acquisition, the number that have departed (for reasons unknown) at this point is surprising and does raise questions about their future direction. Will the company continue to push into new markets with their commodity management strategy; or are they going to concentrate efforts on consuming and delivering on the substantial new business they signed in late 2012? While those two paths are not mutually exclusive, the changes at the top could suggest that ION is exploring a change in strategy.