EKA has quickly moved into the Upper Echelon of the CTRM Markets

EKA Software Solutions, with the recent announcement of their investment in Australia-based Matrix Group, has now built a base of products, personnel and revenues that has separated the company from the mid-tier physical-capable CTRM vendor pack and moved them into a select group of vendors – those with more $25 million in revenues. Though the company, being privately held, won’t comment on their financial performance, given the size of the organization (320 personnel according to The Economic Times) and their growing market presence in ags, softs, metals, energy (strengthened by their recent acquisition of Encompass) and now bulk materials supply chain management, handling and terminaling with Matrix Group, ComTech Advisory does believe that they have now crossed over that $25M revenue threshold, joining the established market heavy weights – OpenLink, Triple Point, SunGard Energy, Allegro, and Brady. Where they ultimately fall in ranked order in that list is yet to be seen as its not yet clear how much of Matrix Group they acquired. If the report of the deal in The Economic Times is correct, they will be moving in the next couple of months to acquire whatever remaining share of the company they don’t yet own. Though the two largest companies on the list, OpenLink with $300M plus in revenue and Triple Point approaching $200M, have distanced themselves from the others, its certainly not inconceivable that EKA, given their current trajectory, could be battling for the number 3 spot in the near future.