Vendor Perception Study – Not Much Time Left

ComTech will close the survey part of the vendor perception study at the end of April meaning that there isn’t much time left for you to give your opinions in this important survey. We repeat the survey every two years and issue a report that is free to download (here is the last one). This invariably the most popular report that we produce and downloaded by many in the industry. Why not ensure your point of view is included this year? We DO not accept vendor staff submissions and we do validate very carefully all responses. This is why we ask you to identify yourself. Rest assured that your response will be confidential despite that however, if we do have any doubts about the authenticity of your response, we may check by calling you! We would encourage vendors to get their customers to complete the survey. The survey also gives us a perspective on demand levels and a number of other interesting factors all of which are published in the final report. You can submit your views in the 2016 Vendor Perception Survey questionnaire. It will only take you a few minutes to complete. The final report and the work

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