Companies are optimistic about the future of BESS trading business

The role of batteries in the modern energy system cannot be overstated. Their technical qualities make them perfect for providing ancillary services and ensuring network stability. When traded on the intraday market, they help stabilize prices by smoothing out peaks in energy demand and avoiding expensive supply. They also offer a significant source of profit, as they can charge during low-price hours and discharge during high-price hours. However, to realize all these advantages, batteries need access to markets ranging from ancillary services to short-term wholesale and balancing markets, along with support for battery investors and project developers to carry out trading activities which they usually outsource. This is where a new wave of companies comes in. Numerous young companies, such as Enspired in Austria, Suena and be.storaged in Germany, and others, are providing trading services for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) as well as software solutions for economic and technical battery optimization. These companies typically offer trading as a service on a profit-sharing basis across all short-term markets, from day-ahead to intraday and ancillary service markets. Some even start earlier in the value chain, incorporating behind-the-meter aggregation and VPP into their scope. All of these companies develop their trading and… continue reading