ComTech Advisory Kicks off new Metals CTRM Study

Part of our 2023 research program is now official and it will be to take a deeper dive in to CTRM for metals. All of our research studies are paid for via sponsorships making the final report free to all and, as of today, both Fendahl and Quor will be sponsoring this research along with a couple of others to confirm their support as well. We thank them for the support without which the research would not be possible. The study is still open to sponsors and if anyone is interested, please request a prospectus from us. In recent years, the number of CTRM and Commodity Management (CM) solutions for metals seems to have exploded. Whereas a decade ago there were a small number of potential solutions available, there are now many. In part, this may reflect increased activity in metals markets potentially driven by the energy transitions where battery metals, copper and so on, will see massively increased demand. It could also reflect a trend towards traditional investment safe havens in metals like Gold, Silver and other precious metals as inflationary pressures have grown and geopolitics seeks to erode the strength of the US Dollar. It may also be… continue reading

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