ComTech to Participate in Risk webinar

I’ll be participating in a webinar on January 31st with Lacima on risk. The title of the webinar is Solutions for valuation challenges for traders. Consistency with risk. Recent industry analysis confirms that commodity analytics ranks as one of the highest items on the agenda of the majority of commodity trading firms both as a pain point and a source of opportunity. All market participants that trade financial contracts in the energy and commodity markets need to be able to first analyse a potential trade to ensure it is optimally structured for their organisation’s objectives and then, once it is in place, risk manage the resulting exposures to the organisation through time. Invariably, the pre-trade analysis and the subsequent risk management are performed using two independent analytical tools and the disconnected mathematical basis causes a breakdown in information flows, accuracy, and consistency. In addition, as regulators and perhaps more importantly, stakeholders, push for greater insight into how exposures and risks are managed, another key challenge facing commodity companies is to be able to easily and quickly demonstrate risk strategies and methods to third parties. This is an area where the ability to capture audit trails and show consistency of approach
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