Conferences, Panel Discussions and Trends

Last week, I had the pleasure of moderating two separate panel discussions around CTRM at Commodities people’s Commodity Trading Week . I was struck by the expertise of the two panels and how short the time was for really getting to grips with the issues we discussed. Certain themes though seemed clear. We are moving towards the concept of ecosystems, cloud and greater use of technologies like AI as digitalization continues to be a major push in the industry. We are seeing the merging of CTRM and ERP occurring as the physical supply chain side of the business gains ever more in importance and this is creating a new Commodity Management software category that we defined several years ago. There is also another trend towards trade and risk management that we also see among many other related and subtrends. One important driver has been the lockdowns associated with COVID. While this has had impacts on sourcing, supply chains, and consumption, it has been the work from the home aspect that appears to have been the most compelling. The panels seemed to agree that working from home isn’t necessarily going away even as lockdowns end. It has become a part of… continue reading

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