Contigo Adding VaR model and Market Connectors

I caught up with Contigo CEO, Simon Wheeler, last week. In common with the rest of Contigo staff, he was working from home. “As anticipated things have slowed down a little bit and we’ve had to cancel some meetings and so on while people got organized but it is very much business as usual and there is lots to do,” he told me. “Everything is in the cloud and so we are well prepared to move to a more virtual business mode and have continuity plans in place.” Contigo is full steam ahead on a variety of projects including the eZ-nergy strategy, for example, he told us. Contigo and eZ-nergy performed over 100 demonstrations and meetings at E-world and so there is much follow up work going on and a very full sales funnel to try to move forward. Add to that the existing customers needs and wants, and there is more than enough to do. There are a couple of product initiatives ongoing that Simon briefed us on. The first is integrating a new VaR model from parent Energy One. It is being integrated into enTrader to be released in Q2. The model has an API to gather the… continue reading
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