Contigo Highlights Recent Wins and Germany Focus

Contigo continue to make progress and I had an upbeat call with head of marketing, Debbi Bavin, late last week who gave me some of the recent highlights. Two new deals have been signed in recent months (of which one is in the cloud) for its enVoy product. These deals were with non-UK companies who are seeking to get into UK markets. A third deal for enTrader was also signed with a Dutch retailer who recognises Contigo’s expertise and experience of UK retail supply market. enVoy is a software product that helps simplifies the sending and receiving of energy industry data in the UK power market. It provides the capability to submit UK ECVNA, Physical Notifications and Bid-offer data. enVoy provides the link between the Energy trading function, and external data agents and other industry flows. It comprises of 3 modules. Elexon ECVN module which manages the contract notification process and supports all other data flow from Elexon. EDT module which manages all EDT data flows such as physical notifications and Bid offers to National Grid. EDL module which manages all EDL data flows and supports real time dispatch with National Grid. The EDL module is a new addition to
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