Contigo Sees Good Demand for ETRM

It may be close to the Christmas holidays but it’s still very busy, says Simon Wheeler, CEO at Contigo. “We are seeing lots of new leads coming through and a lot of demand from our customers for services,” he told me this week. Contigo has just launched its ICE Connector and that has created some interest apparently while its EPEX M7 connector is also due for release early next year. Additionally, they have had a number of new customers go live with their software including Eniig which was implemented in just 14 weeks according to a recent press announcement. Simon sees some of the demand coming from companies with legacy or homegrown systems where the older solutions aren’t ‘quite doing the job’ anymore. Many smaller entities still use manual processes and others are start-ups, he told me. The start-ups seem to be looking to onboard ETRM solutions to start with rather than waiting until they are up and running, he said, which is something of a change. Simon surmises that may be due to the affordability of cloud-based solutions and the easier contractual route to moving to another system later on as the company’s business grows if needed. Certainly, ComTech… continue reading
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