Contigo Snap Survey Produces Interesting Results

UK-based, Europe-focused ETRM vendor, Contigo, just put out the results of a snap survey it did during March 2018. It got 56 responses and the results are very interesting. According to the survey, most respondents are both excited and concerned by the pace of change in energy trading citing in particular challenges like the move to automated trading, the rise of renewables and advances in storage as three of the trends set to have the largest impact on energy trading in Europe over the next 5-years. One of the clearest findings was that data in real-time will be a very important feature of ETRM over the next 5-years. As Contigo comment “In this challenging and fast-changing energy market everything is pointing to the importance of having the most appropriate technology and systems to build agility and efficiencies and to minimise risk”. The snap survey also suggests that more systems will be hosted in the cloud and that there will be increased connectivity between systems  along with an increase in automated trading. Of course, these are all things that our research has shown too and our recent CTRMRadio podcasts have investigated in some depth. Contigo’s Time Rogers was featured in one… continue reading
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