Contigo’s New Product Manager Looks to the Future

Recently, Contigo appointed Martin Thomas as Product Manager. Martin joined Contigo with over 20-years of experience in retail and wholesale operations in the UK and European energy markets, and with extensive knowledge of the systems and technologies used to support those operations. As Product Manager, Martin is responsible for driving the strategic direction of Contigo’s business and products in alignment with the evolving expectations of its clients. I talked to Martin this last week to see what his initial take was on Contigo and its products after he had had a month or so to gain an impression. “I’m looking out at 2025 and beyond,” he told me. “Trying to extrapolate trends and see where we need to go with the products.” Of course, while current trends are fairly clear, trying to figure out where it all leads is much tougher. We spent quite a lot of time talking about the energy transition, the political push from the EU and UK on carbon and sustainability, as well as the practical realities of grid stability, the need for infrastructure investment, and so on. It seemed a bit coincidental that this had also been the topic of a recent CTRMRadio podcast and… continue reading

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