cQuant.io is finding success in a turbulent and changing energy market

I recently spoke with David Leevan, CEO of cQuant.io, a US-based analytics platform provider, to get an update on not only the company’s recent developments, but also the trends impacting the market for risk and risk analytics. For those that aren’t familiar with cQuant.io (cQuant), I asked David to summarize their offering, “cQuant.io is an analytics platform in the cloud. The platform provides on-demand access for energy companies and allows users to run our prebuilt models or to build their own. The system also manages the unique workflows associated with each customer’s models and processes.  With our embedded workflow management capabilities, the system can provide reports and share models and/or results across the company for better collaboration from the trading floor to the c-suite.  With the use of ML-driven analytics, our customers can move to real-time analytics running continuously in the background to enable better decision making. Used as a risk management platform, energy traders can expand their view from the traditional valuation window of the prompt month out to six months, to one that informs their activities for the rest of the day/balance of the week to as far out as twenty years.”   The advent of cloud computing has… continue reading

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