CTRM – A Growing Replacement Market?

Over the years, I have advised many clients and interested parties alike that replacing an implemented CTRM solution is a very difficult thing to do. Even though the installed solution is 10 versions back, no longer supported by the vendor that no longer exists anyway, it’s working – just. Held together by rubber bands and sticky tape, the solution simply has had too much money, time, sweat, and tears invested into it for anyone to really want to try the process all over again. As vendors were acquired, went out of business or products were discontinued, users would grimly hold on to what they had in the belief that it was better ‘the devil you know than the devil you don’t’. Sure, there were some replacements of course there were. However, all the research and all the experience I have has shown that these were far fewer – much fewer – than anyone might imagine. I recall working for TransEnergy back in the late 90’s and having any number of poorly implemented clients who were unhappy with the solution. I will point out in TransEnergy’s defense and that of the good, professional and enthusiastic people I worked with there, that
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