CTRM and Commodity Management

A couple of years ago now, we created a white paper looking at the future of CTRM – it was called CTRM as an Architecture and you can still download that paper from this site. The paper had two objectives, We wanted to comment on a trend that at one point I called the clash of the software categories – that of CTRM software extending back into the supply chain and of ERP software extending out into commodity trading and risk management. We defined the software categories – CTRM, ERP for Commodities and Commodity Management (CM) in the paper. It was timely as since then these terms have been used more and more and that clash of software categories is still in progress. We also wanted to comment on the idea that a CTRM or CM solution needed to be multi commodity and on how that might be achieved. Well aware of the mess that you can get into trying to build what we termed ‘the all singing, all dancing’ solution in monolithic form, we advocated an architectural approach in which aspects of the problem were solved by discrete but tightly integrated modules or components that brought comprehensive horizontal functionality… continue reading

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