CTRM Awards – Update

We are trying to get your opinions on those awards in our industry – top 10 awards and the like – and so far, we have seen a reasonable number of you responding to our very short questionnaire – we would like many more responses. To encourage you a bit, here are a few early indications; 80% think awards are a form of paid advertising versus 10% who believe it is positive for the vendor, Only 20% of you are impressed by the announcement of such awards by a vendor, The only awards that people place any value on are those awarded by Energy Risk and Risk.net (however, we are really more interested in the plethora of new ‘Top 10 vendor’ vendor awards determined by a ‘panel’ than the long standing awards in which users vote), About 40% of you have voted for a vendor for an award. Agree? Disagree? Then let us have YOUR opinion! The results will be published in a Free report when we have enough responses…. There are 6 questions. We do need to know who you are to verify the response but we will not keep your personal details beyond the time the survey is… continue reading
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