CTRM Conference Regulatory Panel Finalised

The 2016 CTRM Conference to be held October 27th in London will look at CTRM software in the current business environment of lower margins and higher costs. One such cost has been the swathe of new regulations hitting energy and commodity trading and one of the three panel discussions will focus on that regulatory environment. “Regulation – Addressing Emerging Challenges by Learning from Past Experiences” will be introduced by regulatory expert Mr. Aviv Handler and feature Mr. Geoff Boon of eControl, Mr. Gavin Fergson of Centrica, Mr. Riccardo Rossi of Gazprom Marketing and Trading and Mr. Shane Henley of Barringa Partners LLP. The panel will take questions from the floor moderated by Mr. Handler. In fact, by the end of today, the entire agenda will be finalised and it is a very strong set of presentations and panels terminated by the CTRM Thought Leaders panel. Highly popular last year with some excellent discussion and observations, the final panel will include CTRM Thought Leaders that are present at the CTRM Conference and be moderated by Gary Vasey of Commodity Technology Advisory LLC. ABOUT CTRM CONFERENCE The CTRM Conference is a unique 1-day event that is focused on the $1.6billion CTRM software
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