CTRM Cubed Readying TradeCube and Gaining Traction

Simon Piercy, founder, and CEO of CTRM Cubed, is busy building out what he describes as a new breed of ETRM solution that is fully cloud. He tells me that CTRM Cubed already has customers signed up and using the solution while it continues to improve the offering with monthly releases. “People are coming to us because they like the concept of a simpler, lower risk, commercial solution.” It has recently put up an all-new website, he told me, and they worked hard on the messaging for it. Describing all the benefits of this new breed of ETRM is important for him and so the website must clearly enunciate the key messages. Looking over the website at https://ctrmcubed.com, these are that it is an instant-on ETRM and self-service meaning that it is truly SaaS and that you can start an account directly on the platform and be up and running in minutes. It also focuses on benefits such as, it is always available, includes a free trial and easy set-up as well as offering a good deal of functionality in the areas of trading & risk and cube analytics. As the site says, Trade Cube offers “a fully managed cloud… continue reading

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