CTRM Cubed – The Toyota of ETRM?

CTRM Cubed continues to add new users and build out the platform, says Simon Piercy, CEO. The vendor, and its SaaS CTRM platform, TradeCube, has gained traction within its native UK market, however, he was keen to point out that it hasn’t done anything UK-specific in terms of functionality. Rather, it has taken a generic approach that will allow it to move into other markets relatively easily in the future while meeting UK requirements, he told me. “We are looking to first consolidate in markets that we know the best,” he said. Simon believes that CTRM Cubed has something that is still “fairly unique.” An instant-on, multi-tenanted, SaaS CTRM solution with extremely rapid implementation where you pay as you go for the service. It still offers potential users a free trial for 30-days as this allows for a conversation with the prospective users while they get to see the solution and use it. “Users like the idea that they can sign up straight away and use it,” he said. The trial also allows CTRM Cubed to gain a better understanding of any specific needs and demonstrate the speed with which custom components can be developed using its microservices architecture. New… continue reading

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