CTRM Solution Market Sweep

For many years, Commodity Technology Advisory has assisted end users in generating long lists of vendors and CTRM software products for procurement activities. In some instances, we have worked side by side with consulting firms helping to get the process started by providing a weighted list of potential vendors and products helping to reduce timescales and the risk of omitting a good fit or including a vendor that is unlikely to be able to offer a good fit. We still offer such a service and have a methodology for performing it. Despite that, we decided to come up with a low cost, even faster approach that we are calling the CTRM Solution Market Sweep announced today. Essentially, with our second to none knowledge of almost all the CTRM solutions on the market in our role as analysts and advisors, we can quickly and deftly propose a weighted long list based on the bare minimum of inputs. What this means, is that we can utilize a simple questionnaire type approach, backed up by a short telephone interview, in order to get an understanding of the broad requirements. From there, we can scan our database of products and propose a weighted long… continue reading
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