CTRMCenter Directory Additions

Periodically, we happen across vendors that we were not previously aware of. In the last 6-months, we have added the following just in case you missed them. Igloo – Igloo has been designed as single platform, modular, scalable cloud based CTRM solution, offering execution through front, middle and back office functionality. It meets the needs of every member of your organisation. The smallest market participants benefit through cost effective, easily implemented cloud solutions, whilst larger market participants can take advantage of superior front office trading tools. Flow&Ebb  – We enable our retail and manufacturing clients to navigate volatility in commodity markets. We offer consulting services and an innovative platform across North America and Europe. Ringhel – We have developed the most complex suite of applications for the management of energy and gas supply, trading, distribution and production. We stand out due to our thorough understanding of the market, which allows us to offer the right choices for our clients’ needs at all times. nGenue – nTrack Pro seamlessly integrates sales, nominations, operations, burn quantities, billing, collections, taxes, and accounting to alleviate the challenges related to ever-changing LDC regulations in the Retail Natural Gas industry. nTrack Pro is prepopulated with over 60… continue reading
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