CTRMCenter Directory

If you haven’t visited the directory of software vendors on this site, perhaps you should? It is a very popular section of the website and extremely useful to buyers who are looking for options. We list all vendors and consulting companies that we are aware of and we are always open to promptings to add your firm – just drop us an email and we will add you. If your listing looks out of date – do let us know in the same way. Although we go through the directory every 6-months or so cleaning things up, things move fast and we can get out of date… so don’t hesitate to let us know. You will notice there are two types of listings – basic and enhanced. The basic listing is FREE while the enhanced is purchased with a small fee. The difference is visibility and the amount of information provided in the listing. However, the most important thing is top be listed at all! Last year, traffic to this site increased almost 25% and so far this year it is up 48%. If you are not listed in the directory, you are missing possible leads and customers as well… continue reading

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