CTRMRadio – An ad hoc podcast from ComTech Advisory

A couple of years or so ago, we started what may well have been the first podcast in the CTRM space – CTRMRadio. There are now some 32 back episodes featuring almost every topic you might imagine in and around the topic of CTRM software. There will be at least 3 more this year. We tend to do the podcasts on an ad hoc basis averaging 6 -9 per year. We pick topics that we believe to be current and then select a number of participants to interview and often complete the podcast with a summary of thoughts and analysis from Patrick and myself. The idea is to build a back catalogue of expertise that people can listen too on an ad hoc basis while travelling or commuting. CTRMRadio is widely available. Either at this website or across platforms like Apple. Amazon, Spotify and the like. Check out CTRMRadio….. Learn on the go.

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