CTRMRadio – News and Views on the Move

I’m not sure how popular audio podcasts are in the commodities industry to be honest. Ours though is likely one of the oldest to have emerged and be launched a few years ago and is still being produced 6 to 8 times per year. Podcasts are made available over a wide range of platforms ranging from Apple, Spotify, Spreaker to Soundcloud, among (19) others. You can also find the entire back catalog on this site. This means it’s really difficult to consolidate statistics yet it seems most episodes of CTRMRadio eventually reach more than 500 people across the industry. That’s not at all bad! Our podcasts focus, as you may expect, on issues relating to CTRM software. By now, the back catalog is extensive so if you want to keep up with the episodes, I suggest you pick your favorite platform and subscribe to CTRMRadio so that you are notified of each release. The last episode just came out and features an interview with Andre Jaeger of Ion Commodities looking at Ion’s strategy and much more. The one prior to that looked at trends in risk management technologies. We will probably issue another prior to year end. The podcasts can… continue reading

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