CTRMRadio Participation

We run a reasonably popular podcast called CTRMRadio. We cover topics related to CTRM and commodities 6 times per year. We are planning a number of episodes for the remainder of this year and we are looking for guests who can speak to these topics – if you think you would like to volunteer, please contact me at gvasey at comtechadvisory dot com. Depending on the nature and number of responses, some might be disappointed but there will be future episodes. You must also be freely able to participate – ie we do not need to seek any permission from employers and so on to have you as a guest. The topics I have in mind will be as follows; CTRM and digitalization – how does a CTRM solution assist in a broader digitalization project? I imagine this will cover topics like cloud-delivery, workflow, process automation, and so on. Trends in Power Trading – A look at algo trading and beyond around power. If you think you would like to participate in either drop me a line. For the marketers among you, CTRM Radio can also feature your soundbite as an advertisement or you can sponsor the podcast. Contact us… continue reading

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