CTRMRadio Podcast Series Growing Audience

A couple of year’s ago, we decided to give podcasting a try and in the process, created what was probably the first podcast in the CTRM software space……. CTRMRadio. Initially, we targeted about 6 episodes a year but given the increasing audience, we may make more episodes going forward. Covering a wide range of topics, CTRMRadio allows us to provide audio content and access expertise around the industry. It is widely available on platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud and so on. Podcasts are increasingly popular and according to stats I googled, there are over 1,000,000 podcasts in existence listened to by over 104 million people daily in the US alone. Apparently, 66% of consumers prefer a podcast over TV and almost 80% listen in while commuting. That’s pretty astounding numbers! In the more conservative commodity trading and risk world, we haven’t any stats on podcast trends – but we may yet conduct some. We do see however, growth in CTRMRadio stats telling us that the podcast in our business sector is becoming increasingly popular. So far, we have released 17 editions and see listening stats of between 270 and 500 per episode. Intriguingly, the most popular episode so far focused… continue reading

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