We have been making and issuing the CTRMRadio podcast for about two and a half years now. There are already twenty-two episodes to listen to! The idea behind the podcast was and still is simple – give you something to listen to that is informative and educational while you travel.  Currently, we have three podcasts in the works – we will be visiting topics like Commodity Management, Trading around Distributed Assets, and ESG in the next three episodes and feature 10 new guests. It takes time and effort to produce these podcasts and so we are open to sponsorship with a short sponsor message or even paid 30-second advertising to help us defray these costs. You may have noticed that there is a sponsor currently as they are mentioned in the last episode. Each episode takes between 4 and 10 hours to make, edit and produce. It costs us money also for placement on Soundcloud. So, if anyone else would like to sponsor it or place an ad, we would love to hear from you! Meanwhile, if you have an idea for a future topic – do let me know! By the way, did you know that you can find… continue reading

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