CTRM’s and Market Risk Management – ComRisk Panel

I’m looking forward to next Tuesday afternoon when I will be moderating what I expect to be an absolutely cracking panel discussion at ComRisk (5pm Tuesday). I will be joined by Peter Mitsche , Senior Trading Process Manager, OMV, Scott Wellcome, Director – Risk Management & Sourcing, GoodMills Group, Saurabh Goyal, CEO, Satoshi Systems, Colin Cooper, Vice President EMEA, EKA, and Sameer Soleja, founder and CEO, Molecule. Quite a line up! I already have my questions for the panel lined up and we will definitely start by examining the rash of acquisitions in the space and the role of ION in them. Judging by the phone calls and email I have fielded recently, this is a topic that interests many people from across the industry. I’m sure that moving on from there, we will touch on the disaggregation trend we are seeing in CTRM and look at the role cloud and other technologies may be playing in that. We will also see how these trends might impact implementation best practice. I have a number of other questions up my sleeve too but wether we can get through them all in 55 minutes remains to be seen. Do come and join… continue reading
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