CubeLogic – Emerging as a Force in Energy & Commodities Risk

Energy & Commodities Credit software has an interesting history and has developed as a class of risk software supplementary to E/CTRM and related software. Back in the early and heady days of ETRM in the late 90’s following FERC636 in the USA, the focus was naturally initially on price and market risk. Credit risk as unique topic of conversation only seemed to emerge after the collapse of Enron and the US merchant sector around 2001 when all ETRM/energy risk vendors were suddenly asked about their credit capabilities. There was a rather large hole around credit risk and that soon became filled with a couple of new vendors that focused squarely on energy credit risk management. Both started out with some large, high-profile customer wins but as the dust settled over the death of the merchants, the focus went back to other forms of risk and trading needs generally. Had you asked the precursor of Comtech back then about credit risk, we would have told you it was a smallish market by comparison to CTRM and that it was extremely lumpy in terms of revenues for the vendors in that space. Interest was dictated by bad news in that each time… continue reading