CubeLogic Sees Credit and Risk Demand Growth

The Energy & Commodities credit software market is changing rapidly as issues like liquidity, fraud (and similar scandals), and stronger regulations with serious consequences, have emerged. A few years ago, ComTech viewed the credit risk market as lumpy at best with the biggest driver for interest in credit solutions being the occasional bankruptcy of counterparties. Now, the credit and risk management software market in general is much more sharply in focus. I talked recently with Karl Sees, head of product & market strategy for CubeLogic to find out what is really driving the credit software market today. Commodities are inherently volatile and complex, and the sector has suffered from many serious issues over the years such as the collapse of Enron and the US merchant sector through to issues with inventory in LME warehouses or shipments of fake metals, for example. “It’s a difficult sector to operate in,” Karl said. It was issues like these that in the past drove often temporary interest in credit solutions yet, Karl notes that some companies with sophisticated approaches to the market always saw the importance of robust credit risk and more general risk management. “There were always companies in the sector that took… continue reading