CubeLogic Sees Good Growth and the Promise of More to Come

CubeLogic enjoyed a good year in 2022, according to Ian Sloggett. It signed more than half a dozen new clients – all international or regionally significant entities, he told me, and have nine major projects in flow, such as implementations of new solutions or upgrades, along with thirteen other current projects. Some sales cycles have extended into 2023 and should also close soon. “It was a good year though not exceptional,” he said. “We experienced some delays due to events in Ukraine that, while creating demand, also made people busier and meant some business got pushed into the current year.” CubeLogic also continued to hire through 2022 and brought in a new COO, Tom Edwards, who became CEO recently as originally planned to allow the founder, Lee Campbell, to step into an Executive Chairman role where he will focus more on strategy going forward. CubeLogic now has up to 140 staff and Ian suggests it is now the largest firm in the advanced risk analytics space in commodities. Currently, Ian sees three trends in the market. The first is something that we too have commented on and that is the move from historical predictive analytics to stress testing, sensitivity analysis… continue reading

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